Saturday, 28 April 2012

Story of A Boy...

 I still remember 2 years ago I was searching for a song guitar cover on YouTube and
"(Cyndi Lauper) Time After Time - Sungha Jung"   
with a image of a little boy holding guitar is what i found... 
i clicked on the link and that was the moment i know Jung Sungha.

 He was born in South Korea, on September 1996.
and start to play guitar in 2006

He is a very skilled fingerstyle guitarist.. from the first time i saw his finger move.. i just cant take my eyes off him.. haha  >///<


yeah.. his concert is on 27th May in Penang.. the show is on 8pm... 
btw, the ticket already SOLD OUT..
but then there will be additional show on 5pm on the same day before the main show..
the ticket is still available by this time but almost sold out too..

  its 2012 now.. and i'm still on Youtube watching him playing guitar..

here is his official site.
and here is his YouTube channel.. 


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